New Spring Summer 2019

After a busy trade show few weeks we are excited to announce a few new products that will be available Spring/Summer 2019 from Beta Climb.


After undergoing a rebrand and coming back with a fresh new look SNAP is looking better than ever. SNAP is looking sleek and stylish, while keeping their underlying uniqueness. With recycled materials being a base for most of their products SNAP have really upped their game. Keep an eye out for more images as we get them!!


Coming with three new shoes; Mastia, Ais and Womens Ra, these will slot into our current line up perfectly. Mastia, this is a stiff, single strapped shoe with a thermally moulded heel to give extra security on heel hooks. Ais, this follows on nicely from the Tanta. Featuring breathable fabric to help moisture control and a small downturn which is targeted at indoor and training climbers. Womens Ra, keeping the stiffness and rigidity but has a lower volume and a mid-sole cut out to keep some flex.